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4 pinna tengi kapall Stækka

4 pinna tengi kapall


4 pinna Dupont tengi kapall

Frekari lýsing

Kr 890

27 stk. á lager

    Dupont wire is most suitable attachment for the SMC experiment.
    The dupont line can be used as the connection between the various modules as well.
    Can be used for PCB project, PC motherboard, etc.


    Length: 20cm
    Pitch: 2.54mm
    Female to female
    Withstand voltage: 300V DC(min)
    Insulation resistance: ≥ 5MΩ(min)
    Contact resistance: ≤ 5Ω(max)


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4 pinna tengi kapall

4 pinna tengi kapall

4 pinna Dupont tengi kapall

Skrifaðu umsögn

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