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DeoxIT® AxeWipes Stækka

DeoxIT® AxeWipes


Get better sound quality from ALL your strings

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Kr 4.290

11 stk. á lager

    Cleaner, lubricant and protectant for metal strings

    • Prolongs life of metal strings 
    • Improves sound quality
    • Dissolves oxidation and corrosion
    • Protects against acid from hands
    • Lubricates for fast / smooth movement
    • Safe to use. No waxy buildup. Contains no teflon, silicone or solvents

    Use on all metal musical instrument strings;
    guitars, banjo, violin, autoharp, hammer dulcimer, mandola, pedal steel, zither, etc.

    DeoxIT® AxeWipes String Wipes, 100% solution, 20 individually packaged wipes, clam shell packaging. Cleaner, lubricant and protectant for metal strings. 


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DeoxIT® AxeWipes

DeoxIT® AxeWipes

Get better sound quality from ALL your strings

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