P9213125  Pushbutton Switch Stækka

P9213125 Pushbutton Switch


OTTO CONTROLS  P9213125  Pushbutton Switch, Off-(On), SPST-NC, 115 V, 28 V, 5 A, Solder

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    Product Overview

    The P9213125 is a 2-circuit sealed dome Pushbutton Switch with gold-plated over silver brass solder terminals, green thermoplastic raised dome button and black thermoplastic threaded case. The P9 comes with a threaded case for hex nut mounting or with a snap-in case. The switch series features short behind panel depth and offers excellent mechanical and electrical performance while operating under severe conditions found in demanding applications. The P9 dome series is offered in dust-tight and moisture proof sealed construction. The P9 dome series is available in standard double break snap-action shorting bar models. The high contact pressure and unique contact design provide low contact resistance for low level switching capability as well as full rated service.
    • Black small bezel
    • Threaded body or snap-in panel mounting
    • Withstands extreme shock and vibration
    • Positive tactile feedback contact transfer on snap-action models
    • UL approval

    Product Information

    • Switch Operation:Off-(On)
    • Contact Configuration:SPST-NC
    • Contact Voltage AC Nom:115V
    • Contact Voltage DC Nom:28V
    • Contact Current Max:5A
    • Switch Terminals:Solder
    • Product Range:-
    Rofi - Gatastærð 12 mm hringur
    Rofi - Fjöldi snerta SPST - Single pole single throw
    Rofi - Litur rofa Grænn
    Rofi - Rakavarinn
    Rofi - Festa rofans Þrýstivirkni (Momentary)

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P9213125  Pushbutton Switch

P9213125 Pushbutton Switch

OTTO CONTROLS  P9213125  Pushbutton Switch, Off-(On), SPST-NC, 115 V, 28 V, 5 A, Solder

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