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Weller Lóðstöð 80W Stækka

Weller Lóðstöð 80W


WSD 81I EU - Soldering Station, 80W, 230V, 450°C Max Temp, Euro Plug

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    Product Overview

    Highly cost efficient with automatic energy savings mode, extended soldering tip life meaning reduction on production costs. With optimal safety in mind. the WSD 81i features maximum safety with low voltage, various potential equalisation possibilities, meaning ground monitoring is not required and dangeous high frequency technology is not used.
    • Easy to operate with the ability to set special functions
    • Conforms to IPC so no calibration required
    • Exact temperature accuracy
    • Process controlled soldering via parameter lock out
    • Guaranteed process safety
    • Offset functions
    • Rapid and simple tool change and compatible with many different tools
    • Perfect for diverse soldering applications


    Embedded Design & Development, Hobby & Education, Industrial, Maintenance & Repair


    1-channel digital supply unit 95 W, 230 V, with 65W wet cleaning soldering iron , standard soldering tip LT B safety rest KH 18 with cleaning sponge and EU Plug


    Product Information

    :PUD81 Power Unit, WSP 80 Solder Iron, KH18 Safety Rest


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Weller Lóðstöð 80W

Weller Lóðstöð 80W

WSD 81I EU - Soldering Station, 80W, 230V, 450°C Max Temp, Euro Plug

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