Compact PA speaker box Stækka

Compact PA speaker box


Compact PA speaker box. 100V/8Ohm white.

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    2-way compact speakers in a sturdy plastic housing (white),..

    ..fitted with one 10 cm woofer and one tweeter providing broad frequency response. Well suited for music and voices. Universally applicable to professional PA or in the home. Can be run as a 100 V system or as 8 ohm units due to an integrated transformer. 100 V transformer and 8 ohm mode are selected using a knob. Swivelling fixing bracket allows the speakers to be mounted horizontally or vertically, as required.
    Typical applications
    • Conference facilities
    • Multimedia
    • 100 V transformer
    • Plastic cabinet
    Technical Data
    Rated power 40 W
    Maximum power 60 W
    Transformer matching 15; 7,5; 4; 2 W/
    8 Ohm
    Sound pressure level 91 dB (1 W/1 m)
    @ 8200 Hz


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Compact PA speaker box

Compact PA speaker box

Compact PA speaker box. 100V/8Ohm white.

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