BB-CAPE-DISP-CT43  Display Board Stækka

BB-CAPE-DISP-CT43 Display Board


ELEMENT14  BB-CAPE-DISP-CT43  Display Board, 4.3", Touchscreen, BeagleBone

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    Product Overview

    This 4.3" Touchscreen Display Cape connects directly to your BeagleBone (White, Black, or Wireless) to provide full color touchscreen display solution. The display features a vivid 4.3" LED backlit 480 x 272 TFT LCD with capacitive overlay for smartphone-l...
    • 4.3" TFT LCD transmissive display
    • 480 (RGB) x 272 resolution
    • LED backlight
    • Capacitive touch
    • Cape interface board with connector expandability
    • Board ID EEPROM with kit identity storage
    • Completely plug-and-play using the default Linux distribution

    Product Information

    • For Use With:BeagleBone & BeagleBone Black
    • Kit Contents:BB-View Cape Board, 4.3" LCD Display, Flexible FPC Cable, Quick Start Guide


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BB-CAPE-DISP-CT43  Display Board

BB-CAPE-DISP-CT43 Display Board

ELEMENT14  BB-CAPE-DISP-CT43  Display Board, 4.3", Touchscreen, BeagleBone

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